The Way to Match BNS Gem improve your Crit and Damage

How to upgrade equipment in blade and soul you need know, and today we bladesoulgold brings you the blade and soul gem guide to improve your crit and damage, especially in blade and soul dungeon. As a Blade and Soul newbie, if you feel many monsters are very difficult to kill in the game, for this situation, maybe you should upgrade the higher equipment (armor and weapon) or update the blade and soul gem.

There are 7 kinds of gems in blade & soul: Triangular Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Peridot, and Diamond. In addition to Triangular Diamond has 4 kinds of attributes, the other gems were 2 attributes. Note: Pay attention to the attributes of gem when buying gems in marketplace.

Well, how to match the blade and soul gem in the game?
If you do not use Gem Hammer to add extra gem slot, only 2 slots (max 4 slots) you can use.

Triangular Amethyst + Diamond / Ruby: Life Drain on Critical Hit + Add Damage
In fact the problem is life when we are farming dungeon, and these two gems can improve the life endurance. Of course, you can choose Triangular Ruby if you have enough gold, check here to know how to farm cheap blade and soul gold fast in the game.

What’s more, different class also can equip different attributes gems, for example, Blade Master class, the main skill is Block, so you can choose on block rated gems, Triangular Diamond, Amethyst and Emerald gem.

The 3-4-1-2 Formation in FIFA 16 Melon Type

This time due to the revision, then the effect is certainly like a lot, so players can win more FIFA 16 coins, after all, has always been to play in the actual data. FIFA 16 melon type with the 3-4-1-2 formation, this analysis is melon-type formation, but be revised lineup melon handsome as handsome melon is 3-3-3-1 formation, but in the game but not so easy.

Barcelona, ??Guardiola, Bayern and “melon type” 343 (3331)
Frontcourt players level gradually improved, tactical coordination increasingly complex now, removed a defender strengthen the midfield is undoubtedly the best choice .. But it notes that: removed the need to strengthen the defensive player into the midfield. Excellent midfield into the system undoubtedly be able to share the guard very much defensive pressure, but also for precise fit midfield.

So the proportion midfielder and defender Guardiola how much is it best to tell us –7: 2 is two defenders, seven midfielders but Ge retreat position in the lower back, become backcourt free! people; and “scavenger” Such type of goalkeeper Neuer is also a great space, so that Bayern are in any position to triangulate transfer (not the injuries lineup Hama, Vertigo taken into account).

Although the cut-back formation back, but not filled in the midfield but no one word: defense. Defense is not a task the individual, but the entire team’s task. From the forward to the wing, from attacking midfielder to defender must ubiquitous perform defensive duties.

So in the game I most recommend 3-4-1-2 (3-5-2) a formation:
On the defensive end on both sides to actively playback, midfielder can put Lahm white complementary defense, attacking midfielder with the put forward Muller TK pre field around looting, Ge in the guard position, although it can be fast enough With aggressive running clear the net, Neuer attack speed is on call, on the offensive end this Zhenshi equally impressive performance. A double striker in advance (Macy) to act as a video front (Muller). The breakthrough came in two wings or inner bottom rebate cut or even shot forward runs have good performance. Such players playmaker TK will get enough long-range opportunities, forward runs the ball is a good choice.

Although the slow speed dual midfield but turns plug has become a commando team, often a straight pass or pick it fell to the feet of Ram white, followed by that of a single-pole. Ge also has an excellent sense of smell forward runs, often used to obtain single-handedly moves when positioning the ball in the backcourt, a long pass and the like is well known. In fact, 3-4-1-2 (3-5-2) formation basically all the players can participate in the attack among even the two sides of the pull-back can also assume the task of timely fullback.

But the most important thing is when the first field opened up the situation quickly return, ensure Possession. More also needs its own cheap FIFA coins spent to try, but do not miss the ball when you pay attention.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Cards and Packs

Here are some common questions and answers about fifa ultimate team coins Cards and Packs. If you want to know it you can read it.

P: Which levels cards may have ?
R: Depending on player’s quality, the cards can be of one of the following three categories: Bronze, for ratings up to 64; Silver, for ratings between 65 and 74; Gold, for ratings between 75 and 99. Learn more here.

P: What do the different coloured cards mean on FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: There are several cards types in FIFA Ultimate Team with different colors (purple, blue, black, orange, etc …). Find out here which represent each one.

P: What are rare cards?
R: Rare cards are cards less common than the others. Learn more here.

P: Which information can I find on the players’ cards ?
R: Players’ cards have a lot of information. Learn more here.

P: How can I view detailed information about a player ?
R: To learn more about a player, you must select ‘Bio’. Learn more here.

P: Which consumables cards exist in FIFA Ultimate Team?
R: There are consumable training (player, goalkeeper, manager, position and tactics) and consumables development (contract , team talk, fitness and healing). Learn more here.

P: How do I know the quick sell value of a card?
R: The quick sell/ discard value of a card can be known when selecting it. If you are not the owner of the card, you can find out the price here.

P: What is the quick sell value of an orange, blue or purple card ?
R: All of these colored cards are IF cards. So, the discard fifa 16 coins price is the same to the black cards. Learn more here.

P: What can I do to increase the probability of earning a IF card in a pack?
R: Betting on packs is a matter of luck. Still, to increase the probability of receiving a IF card, you should buy the packs during Happy Hours, especially those that are advertised as ‘2 x Chance ‘.

The Reason That EA will Not Add Ronaldinho in FIFA 16

There is a question which has confusing many FIFA fans since FIFA 14 – Did EA will add Ronaldinho in the next update in FIFA 16? FIFA 16 has released for several month and has several updates as well. The answer may be not. EA wont add the footballer once in FIFA 16 Points any more. Why?

Because EA Sports’ FIFA did not have an association to negotiate with players and so would risk suffering lawsuits since FIFA 14. To overcome this difficulty, EA Sports took a simple attitude: again talk to the clubs and asked them to be their own responsibility to pick up the document releasing the rights of their respective rosters, thus preventing the initiation of proceedings.

At last, let’s review Ronaldinho’s glorious history so far.
FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball (1): 1999
FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Shoe (1): 1999
Rio Grande do Sul State Championship Top Scorer (1): 1999
CONMEBOL Men Pre-Olympic Tournament Top Scorer (1): 2000
FIFA World Cup All-Star Team (1): 2002
La Liga Ibero-American Player of the Year (1): 2004
FIFA Confederations Cup Bronze Ball (1): 2005
World Soccer Magazine World Player of The Year (2): 2004, 2005
FIFA World Player of the Year (2): 2004, 2005
Ballon d’Or (1): 2005
Onze d’Or (1): 2005
UEFA Club Forward of the Year (1): 2004–05
UEFA Club Footballer of the Year (1): 2005–06
UEFA Team of the Year (3): 2003–04, 2004–05, 2005–06
ESM Team of the Year (3): 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06
Don Balón Award (2): 2003–04, 2005–06
FIFPro World Player of the Year (1): 2005
FIFPro World XI (3): 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07
FIFA World Player of the Year – Bronze award (1): 2006
Golden Foot (1): 2009
Bola de Ouro (1): 2012
South American Footballer of the Year (1): 2013
Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame FIFA Ultimate Team Coins of the Year (substitute; published 2015)

Maybe Ronaldinho will add in FIFA 17. But there will be next year at least to overcome this difficulty. If EA does add Ronaldinho to FIFA 17, what overall rating should he have?

The Advantage of FUT Draft

You already know that FIFA 16 gets four stars since those stars are right there, just above, and the first thing you looked at when you opened this page up. But what kind of stars are they? An enthusiastic ‘FIFA is better than ever and only narrowly misses out on a perfect score’ stars? A lethargic ‘well, it hasn’t changed much, but I can’t take any stars away because it’s still pretty good’ stars? What has changed however is my love for the game. Admittedly, over the last few years I’ve grown tired of FIFA Coins.

In addition, a new pass aimed feature allows players to do, to help directly through the park. However, I believe that it is still too often a ping-pong passing game, an issue that has resurfaced in recent years. This has the advantage of stretching play quicker, or catching defenders unaware. The drawback is that it’s much easier to miscontrol, the ball bobbling off unprepared feet. The key to unlocking defences and keeping possession is to mix up your passing game to pull teams out of shape. Manage to get through and the shooting is exceptional, given real fizz and physicality. Smacking one into the back of the net has rarely been so gratifying.

A few hours later it was revealed that voters in France had selected Antoine Griezmann of Atlético Madrid as their cover co-star. The French forward had a prolific season for Madrid in his first season during 2014/15, following five successful years with Real Sociedad and was called up to the full international team in 2014. On the 9th July we found out that Marco Fabián of Club Deportivo Guadalajara will be on the FIFA 16 cover in Mexico. The goal scoring midfielder has spent most of his career with Chivas and is now a full Mexican international, having earlier helped his country towards a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics with the under-23 team.

For those unaware, this will be available in the middle of January as EA always stick to the same pattern. As for the FIFA 16 Coins TOTY predictions this year, these can be guessed easily by the community as EA will largely base them on the real life FIFPro World XI team as well as the Ballon D’Or nominees. Since the Ballon D’Or shortlist and the final three have already been revealed to between Lionel Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar – it is guaranteed that these three players will automatically be in the TOTY.

Although critics have said that it’s a downgrade from previous years, haters will hate, and a video game can always be improved. This new mode will test your team building skills as you pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw. Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a series of up to four matches to win big rewards for your club,” says EA.

In FIFA 16 Meet the most underrated players

In FIFA 16 Meet the most underrated players

There are only a few players in Ultimate Team that can legitimately change your whole team. The chances of saving up over one million fifa ultimate team coins to buy yourself a superstar are slim, and the chances of finding them in a pack are even slimmer. But what if you want to be an Ultimate Team god without Messi or Ronaldo? Well, you can still do that, and we can tell you how.

Goalkeeper: Vincent Enyeama
Enyeama has been an Ultimate Team favourite for a few years now, and he’s arguably been the best keeper in Ligue 1 since Hugo Lloris left Lyon for the green pastures of north London. At 5’11” [1.80m] he’s a little bit short to command the box with any real superiority, but your centre backs should have no problem dealing with balls into the box. Enyeama’s strength is as a shot-stopper: he’s not just good for his low price, he’s one of the best in the game. With reflexes rated at 91, only an in-form David de Gea has better shot-stopping stats than Enyeama, and when you can get him for around 700 coins, there’s no question that he’s earned a place in this side

Centre Back: Juan Jesus
Juan Jesus has always been an underrated Ultimate Team beast, but this year he’s even better than ever. Most centre backs with decent pace stats will cost you a pretty penny, but JJ’s 80 sprint and 79 acceleration come on the cheap, and that’s not all. He’s a solid tackler with 80+ strength and tackling stats, and he’ll happily rebuff long balls all day with his 92 jumping stat. A bit of patience on the auction house and you could nab him for around 700 coins, which is an absolute steal.

Centre Back: Kostas Manolas
Ideally, you’d grab Inter Milan centre back Miranda to play alongside Juan Jesus, creating a perfect link in your back line between the Brazilian pair. He’s a bit pricey though, so we’ll happily take Roma’s Manolas instead. Why? For a start, he’s quick enough to marshall most strikers, but every one of his defensive stats is 80+, as are all his physical stats, except for his 79 stamina. He’s only let down by a woeful and hilarious shooting stat of 19 really, and that helps you get him for a bargain price. At under 1000 fut 16 coins – wait for it – he’ll Kostas you next to nothing! Haha!

Right Back: Bruno Peres
We love grabbing pacey wing backs for our teams – if you can beat the opposition midfielder with your wing back, it really causes problems for the opposition as you go forward, opening up two on ones that let you feed the ball into your strikers and wide men. If the opposition decide to stand off, Peres is the perfect man to punish them with 90+ pace stats and outstanding long range shooting as well (long shooting 81 and shot power 87). He’s not a great defender, but he more than makes up for that by steaming up and down the sidelines. A worthy purchase for a mere 650 coins.

Left Back: Juan Camilo Zú?iga
Zú?iga has very similar stats to Peres, and while he’s not nearly as dangerous from long range, he makes up for that with better defensive stats. Most importantly, the pace is still there – with 89 sprint speed and 88 acceleration, Zú?iga will get up and down the flanks for you, but he’s also a good tackler with stats around 80 for both standing and sliding tackles, and an 80+ stamina stat means you won’t have to worry about subbing him most of the time. Again, around 700 coins should net him on auction if you’re patient.

Centre Midfield: James McCarthy
The ultimate bargain workhorse in midfield, McCarthy does everything well. Granted, his shooting stat is under 70, but midfield partner Eremenko (we’ll get to him in a sec) more than makes up for that, and McCarthy shines as your midfield engine room, controlling the game from box to box. Both his short and long passing stats are 80+, he’s capable in the tackle, and 72 pace stat means he gets around the pitch well enough to cause problems for the opposition. Best of all, his 91 stamina means you won’t have to worry about taking him off. Yours for as little as 350 coins on auction.

Centre Midfield: Roman Eremenko
When you can pick this guy up for just 700 coins, Eremenko might be the most underrated played in Ultimate Team this year. CSKA Moscow’s attacking midfielder has a roomy bag of tricks, and plenty of ability on top. He’s technically excellent with good shooting, volleying and ball control, but he’ll cause havoc going forward, slipping through balls into your forwards with 88 vision and 80+ passing stats. Top that off with his 90 stamina, and we’re absolutely dumbfounded as to why he’s available so cheap. Still, we’re not complaining of course.

Left Midfield: Maicon
You may be noticing a trend here: pace, pace and more pace. Although speed in FIFA 16 doesn’t kill as effectively as previous games, it’s still a tremendous advantage and one of the most potent stats in the game in terms of how it can affect a match. Maicon has decent finishing and crossing stats for a wide man, but really, he’s just in here for his reckless speed – 94 acceleration and 93 speed will cause havoc with your opponents back line. In fact, we reckon your opponents Maiconceed a few goals if you have him in your team… GG.

Right Midfield: Diego Perotti
It’s always baffled us how underrated and underused Diego Perotti seems to be in Ultimate Team. He’s the man that no-one wants. There are always swatches of Perotti’s available on the auction house for peanuts. And yet, he’s a thoroughly useful winger. His 82 pace isn’t the quickest, but he gets at opposing full backs with four star skill moves and a five star weak foot rating that makes him dangerous on either side of the pitch. Plus, he can pick a cross, his shooting stat is 70 – respectable for a winger – and he’s technically very sound with an 84 dribbling rating. And he’s just need 400 fifa coins! What’s not to like about this guy?

How to Get Many Coins In FIFA 15

FIFA is one of the most popular games in the world. While the game is popular, many people don’t know how to get many coins in the game. To help you out, here are tips on how to get many cheap fifa coins:

Participate in tournaments
Tournaments are great places to earn a lot of money. When participating in these tournaments you should make every effort to win the games. When you win in a tournament, you make about 800 coins in every match.

Be wise in your buying and selling times
Many people play the game after work. This means that many people start playing at 3 pm or 5 pm. This means that there is high demand for the coins at this time. If you have time, it’s recommended that you play during the early morning hours.

When you play at this time you easily collect the coins which you can sell at a profit during the peak hours. By selling the coins later on you easily fetch a lot of money. For example, you can make 1,000 to 100,000 coins from your sales.

Engage in single player games
Here you need to play against a machine. When playing, you should ensure that you win with a large margin for you to get many coins. For example, when you win with at least 3-0 you will fetch 400-500 coins in every game.

Resell packs and cards
A pack contains contracts, balls, players, kits and managers. If you have some money, you should buy a number of packs and later resell them at a profit. If you have cards of top rated players, you can sell them at huge profits and earn a lot of coins.

Select skilled players
When playing, you should use highly skilled players. Skilled players will not only help you in winning a game, but they will also be of high demand; therefore, you will sell them at a higher price which will result to you making a lot of money.

How to find Safe FIFA 15 Coins supplier

Recently, EA has posted to limit FUT coins trade called price ranges and get rid of botters, and a wave of account ban will be raised. Thus, how could gamers find out safe FIFA Ultimate Team coins without account ban? Where can fans just get cheap fifa 15 coins, but not involve accounts in?

How to find safe fifa 15 coins?
First, stay away from botters. Botting is a public enemy of all MMO developers, because it threatens the game severely. Cheaters always use online tools known as “bots” to automatically buy items off the Transfer Market and farm coins and hoard them. Since botters damage the process of the game, EA has paid more attention to eliminate them for a long time. Therefore, everyone should use hand-made coins in-game, instead of botters.

Second, get coins by trading players in-game. EA has announced that gamers can gain FIFA Ultimate Team coins by playing matches and trading players, and they never sell coins to gamers. Thus, your account will never be banned because of coins you get. Orders placing at are always completed like that.

Where you can get FUT coins as well as the safety of your account?
EA neither sell any coins to gamer, nor allow buying or selling coins in game. If we don’t have any coins to continue to play FIFA 15, do we have to leave the game? Definitely not, because there is a safe place to get FUT coins, which is

Coins at are made by hand, instead from botters, because as a professional coins supplier has a specialized team to farm coins in FIFA 15.Besides, the mutual benefit is fulfilled by trading players. All deals buying FIFA Ultimate Team coins at UTfifa15coins are completed in the Transfer Market. You list a player on the Transfer Market in game, and tell the detailed information about the player to us. And then we claim it with a certain amount of FUT coins like other gamers. It’s a gamer-and-gamer trade in game.

Suggestions on How to Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins

FIFA is one of the many video games that have gained attention of the world. These games offer us entertainment and a getaway plan from our sedentary and monotonous lifestyle. People from different age group play these games with high intensity. While we are discussing about the FIFA game, we need to consider the benefits of using coins. These coins offer the players an advantage to continue paying game. While you are competing with highly skilled competitors or a supreme level of difficulty in the game, you would need best players in your team. Cheap FIFA 15 coins can help in buying players and increasing the strength of your team. So, it is easy to understand that having a huge amount of FUT 15 coins are extremely beneficial for any player. Plus these coins can be bought chap but during the selling process, you can gain a huge amount of money with ease. However, you would need to consider a few things before making the right choice in buying these coins. Here we are offering you a few fragments of information for your benefit in successfully concluding the game playing process with fun and excitement.

Engage In Online Games
Engaging in online games is one of the many ways to buy cheap FIFA 15 coins. You can gain coins for participation or your performance in the game. These transactions can be considered as reward for doing well in the games. This is one of the great ways of earning coins and improving your skill in the games. This strategy can generate a huge cash flow and it is seemingly effortless. Btu, make no mistake; you would need to learn all about the resolutions before playing the games. Without knowing the regulations and protocols of earning the reward, you would not be able to target the winning process and plan your way through. So, research is considered to be the best possible requirement in the regard of buying FIFA 15 coins.

These are few of the many ways how you can make cheap FIFA 15 coins for a successful and exciting game. These football video games have improved with time and now with the implementation of coins, it has become a more excitement filled game. The information fragments here are offering knowledge on how to get these coins for a smoother game execution and entertainment process.

How to win in fifa 15 ultimate team

Desire to understand how to generally win at Fifa 15? The way to score a lot more ambitions and beat your opponents? Here are some guidelines on winning in Fifa 15 for you personally:

Your Best Beginning 11
You have to have your greatest and high-ranked readily available players around the field. And don’t forget that your bench is your backup, so fill it up together with the excellent players also. Fifa 15 automatically updates its squad database based on the genuine life’s football events consistently, so what you have to do after every single updates is usually to modify back your squad and formations for the one particular that you just set as your pretty most effective just before.

Speaking about formations, you must uncover your finest playing formation also, I would suggest 4-1-3-2, 4-3-1-2 or 5-3-2 in case you wish to have an extremely strong defending line, but it’s absolutely up to you. You’ll want to find the 1 that suits your playing style. Attempt distinct formations in practice matches to locate your most effective. Picking the best attackers can also be critical. Decide on the ones with higher capabilities and rates. Tall strikers are great for finishing the crosses. Their shooting ability can also be extremely pretty significant. I’d suggest to possess one particular striker with all the best shooting ability and one particular with all the greatest heading’s. Your attacking midfielders are also participating in attacks, so do keep it in mind that you may have them to score targets.

Dynamic Style
Play dynamically. Strategise your attacks in distinct ways. Don’t stick with just 1 system of purpose scoring. Obtaining more than five or six methods to score targets may be the greatest at Fifa 15. Try and study how to score ambitions from very any random situation, try and turn any situation to a scoring opportunity. Don’t forget the goal of playing a football game should be to score objectives and win the game. Pro on the internet players can study your method and block your scoring tactics. You ought to often surprise them by coming up having a new scoring technique, that’s how it turns you a to pro Fifa 15 gamer.

Dribbling, Passing and Sprinting
Dribbling would be the essential to move forward and to acquire close to your opponent’s aim, go to Fifa 15 Capabilities GAMES mode and play the tutorials for dribbling. Work extra on passing, appropriate and great short/long passes could make effective counterattacks.

Boost Your Defending Capabilities
Be superior at defending. Make an effort to boost your defending skills by learning a lot more on the way to tackle and the way to get back the ball when it’s lost.

If you want to find more fifa 15 coins or tips from online, you must want to vist