The Way to Match BNS Gem improve your Crit and Damage

How to upgrade equipment in blade and soul you need know, and today we bladesoulgold brings you the blade and soul gem guide to improve your crit and damage, especially in blade and soul dungeon. As a Blade and Soul newbie, if you feel many monsters are very difficult to kill in the game, for this situation, maybe you should upgrade the higher equipment (armor and weapon) or update the blade and soul gem.

There are 7 kinds of gems in blade & soul: Triangular Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Peridot, and Diamond. In addition to Triangular Diamond has 4 kinds of attributes, the other gems were 2 attributes. Note: Pay attention to the attributes of gem when buying gems in marketplace.

Well, how to match the blade and soul gem in the game?
If you do not use Gem Hammer to add extra gem slot, only 2 slots (max 4 slots) you can use.

Triangular Amethyst + Diamond / Ruby: Life Drain on Critical Hit + Add Damage
In fact the problem is life when we are farming dungeon, and these two gems can improve the life endurance. Of course, you can choose Triangular Ruby if you have enough gold, check here to know how to farm cheap blade and soul gold fast in the game.

What’s more, different class also can equip different attributes gems, for example, Blade Master class, the main skill is Block, so you can choose on block rated gems, Triangular Diamond, Amethyst and Emerald gem.