FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Cards and Packs

Here are some common questions and answers about fifa ultimate team coins Cards and Packs. If you want to know it you can read it.

P: Which levels cards may have ?
R: Depending on player’s quality, the cards can be of one of the following three categories: Bronze, for ratings up to 64; Silver, for ratings between 65 and 74; Gold, for ratings between 75 and 99. Learn more here.

P: What do the different coloured cards mean on FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: There are several cards types in FIFA Ultimate Team with different colors (purple, blue, black, orange, etc …). Find out here which represent each one.

P: What are rare cards?
R: Rare cards are cards less common than the others. Learn more here.

P: Which information can I find on the players’ cards ?
R: Players’ cards have a lot of information. Learn more here.

P: How can I view detailed information about a player ?
R: To learn more about a player, you must select ‘Bio’. Learn more here.

P: Which consumables cards exist in FIFA Ultimate Team?
R: There are consumable training (player, goalkeeper, manager, position and tactics) and consumables development (contract , team talk, fitness and healing). Learn more here.

P: How do I know the quick sell value of a card?
R: The quick sell/ discard value of a card can be known when selecting it. If you are not the owner of the card, you can find out the price here.

P: What is the quick sell value of an orange, blue or purple card ?
R: All of these colored cards are IF cards. So, the discard fifa 16 coins price is the same to the black cards. Learn more here.

P: What can I do to increase the probability of earning a IF card in a pack?
R: Betting on packs is a matter of luck. Still, to increase the probability of receiving a IF card, you should buy the packs during Happy Hours, especially those that are advertised as ‘2 x Chance ‘.