FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Cards and Packs

Here are some common questions and answers about fifa ultimate team coins Cards and Packs. If you want to know it you can read it.

P: Which levels cards may have ?
R: Depending on player’s quality, the cards can be of one of the following three categories: Bronze, for ratings up to 64; Silver, for ratings between 65 and 74; Gold, for ratings between 75 and 99. Learn more here.

P: What do the different coloured cards mean on FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: There are several cards types in FIFA Ultimate Team with different colors (purple, blue, black, orange, etc …). Find out here which represent each one.

P: What are rare cards?
R: Rare cards are cards less common than the others. Learn more here.

P: Which information can I find on the players’ cards ?
R: Players’ cards have a lot of information. Learn more here.

P: How can I view detailed information about a player ?
R: To learn more about a player, you must select ‘Bio’. Learn more here.

P: Which consumables cards exist in FIFA Ultimate Team?
R: There are consumable training (player, goalkeeper, manager, position and tactics) and consumables development (contract , team talk, fitness and healing). Learn more here.

P: How do I know the quick sell value of a card?
R: The quick sell/ discard value of a card can be known when selecting it. If you are not the owner of the card, you can find out the price here.

P: What is the quick sell value of an orange, blue or purple card ?
R: All of these colored cards are IF cards. So, the discard fifa 16 coins price is the same to the black cards. Learn more here.

P: What can I do to increase the probability of earning a IF card in a pack?
R: Betting on packs is a matter of luck. Still, to increase the probability of receiving a IF card, you should buy the packs during Happy Hours, especially those that are advertised as ‘2 x Chance ‘.

The Reason That EA will Not Add Ronaldinho in FIFA 16

There is a question which has confusing many FIFA fans since FIFA 14 – Did EA will add Ronaldinho in the next update in FIFA 16? FIFA 16 has released for several month and has several updates as well. The answer may be not. EA wont add the footballer once in FIFA 16 Points any more. Why?

Because EA Sports’ FIFA did not have an association to negotiate with players and so would risk suffering lawsuits since FIFA 14. To overcome this difficulty, EA Sports took a simple attitude: again talk to the clubs and asked them to be their own responsibility to pick up the document releasing the rights of their respective rosters, thus preventing the initiation of proceedings.

At last, let’s review Ronaldinho’s glorious history so far.
FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball (1): 1999
FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Shoe (1): 1999
Rio Grande do Sul State Championship Top Scorer (1): 1999
CONMEBOL Men Pre-Olympic Tournament Top Scorer (1): 2000
FIFA World Cup All-Star Team (1): 2002
La Liga Ibero-American Player of the Year (1): 2004
FIFA Confederations Cup Bronze Ball (1): 2005
World Soccer Magazine World Player of The Year (2): 2004, 2005
FIFA World Player of the Year (2): 2004, 2005
Ballon d’Or (1): 2005
Onze d’Or (1): 2005
UEFA Club Forward of the Year (1): 2004–05
UEFA Club Footballer of the Year (1): 2005–06
UEFA Team of the Year (3): 2003–04, 2004–05, 2005–06
ESM Team of the Year (3): 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06
Don Balón Award (2): 2003–04, 2005–06
FIFPro World Player of the Year (1): 2005
FIFPro World XI (3): 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07
FIFA World Player of the Year – Bronze award (1): 2006
Golden Foot (1): 2009
Bola de Ouro (1): 2012
South American Footballer of the Year (1): 2013
Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame FIFA Ultimate Team Coins of the Year (substitute; published 2015)

Maybe Ronaldinho will add in FIFA 17. But there will be next year at least to overcome this difficulty. If EA does add Ronaldinho to FIFA 17, what overall rating should he have?

The Advantage of FUT Draft

You already know that FIFA 16 gets four stars since those stars are right there, just above, and the first thing you looked at when you opened this page up. But what kind of stars are they? An enthusiastic ‘FIFA is better than ever and only narrowly misses out on a perfect score’ stars? A lethargic ‘well, it hasn’t changed much, but I can’t take any stars away because it’s still pretty good’ stars? What has changed however is my love for the game. Admittedly, over the last few years I’ve grown tired of FIFA Coins.

In addition, a new pass aimed feature allows players to do, to help directly through the park. However, I believe that it is still too often a ping-pong passing game, an issue that has resurfaced in recent years. This has the advantage of stretching play quicker, or catching defenders unaware. The drawback is that it’s much easier to miscontrol, the ball bobbling off unprepared feet. The key to unlocking defences and keeping possession is to mix up your passing game to pull teams out of shape. Manage to get through and the shooting is exceptional, given real fizz and physicality. Smacking one into the back of the net has rarely been so gratifying.

A few hours later it was revealed that voters in France had selected Antoine Griezmann of Atlético Madrid as their cover co-star. The French forward had a prolific season for Madrid in his first season during 2014/15, following five successful years with Real Sociedad and was called up to the full international team in 2014. On the 9th July we found out that Marco Fabián of Club Deportivo Guadalajara will be on the FIFA 16 cover in Mexico. The goal scoring midfielder has spent most of his career with Chivas and is now a full Mexican international, having earlier helped his country towards a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics with the under-23 team.

For those unaware, this will be available in the middle of January as EA always stick to the same pattern. As for the FIFA 16 Coins TOTY predictions this year, these can be guessed easily by the community as EA will largely base them on the real life FIFPro World XI team as well as the Ballon D’Or nominees. Since the Ballon D’Or shortlist and the final three have already been revealed to between Lionel Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar – it is guaranteed that these three players will automatically be in the TOTY.

Although critics have said that it’s a downgrade from previous years, haters will hate, and a video game can always be improved. This new mode will test your team building skills as you pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw. Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a series of up to four matches to win big rewards for your club,” says EA.