FIFA Guide to Master Jockeying in Defence

Getting to grips with jockeying in defence is absolutely pivotal to your success at the back, read on and learn how you can implement this into your all-round game and become a master overnight.fifa tips

Why Jockeying Is Important
Jockeying is when the defender stands in a side-wards position so that he can move in either direction when the attacker makes his move. This trick is taught to all defensive minded players at a very young age in the real-life game and all the top level teams make sure that it’s brought into all the youth squads early on.

You can take advantage of this feature by pushing attacking threats into areas of the pitch that won’t cause your back-four and goalkeeper that much of a problem. The attacker will then have to wait for support whilst you have him in a corner. You can also choose to wait for support and double up on the player which will give you double the chance of retaining possession of the ball once again.

When To Go In For The Challenge
Without putting you on a downer, this is by far the most difficult part of jockeying. You should pounce in for the challenge when the player with the ball has low energy, is out of ideas, or shows you quite a considerable amount of the ball. If their energy bar is at it’s lowest and in the red, then the ball is pretty much yours and even if you can’t see much of it, you should still go in for the tackle.

The only downside about jockeying, is that sometimes when the opponent is too close to your goal and has an eye for it, a deflection might be your undoing and a bad bit of luck may come your way from time to time. So try to be careful when the opposition get in your penalty area.

This Year You Can Sprint Whilst Jockeying
For some reason, EA Sports have allowed for sprinting to be enabled whilst jockeying on FIFA 15 this year. Unlike previous installments, you were unable to perform this maneuver before. This will certainly make defending a lot easier and it’s one gem that you need to install into your game as soon as possible. The fact that you are able to do this, seriously puts the advantage with you.

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